Made in Germany. We rely on Germany as a business location.

Production is the core of our business and is of central importance for maintaining our high quality standards and for individual customer service. We therefore manufacture all our products without exception at our headquarters in Altdorf near Nuremberg.


Well thought-out production planning, short distances and qualified employees enable flexibility and the ability to react even to orders received at short notice.


Powerful agitators and dissolvers ensure optimum distribution and dispersion of the raw materials in our products.

Wet grinding

Bead mills grind pigments and fillers to a size of just a few micrometres, thus giving our lacquers fineness, opacity and depth of colour.

Quality control

Each production batch undergoes careful quality control and is checked against certain parameters before further release.


Our filling equipment is designed for flexibility and efficiency and enables the filling of small and large containers in any quantity
- depending on customer requirements.

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