Zinc touch-up paint


Zinc touch-up paint on zinc dust basis, air humidity drying.

Thick film system for 100 - 150 μm in one operation. Coatings applied with this system contain approx. 92 parts by mass of zinc dust in the pigment or at least approx. 80 % by weight of zinc dust in the dry film. The composition in the as-delivered condition corresponds to the specifications of TL/TP-KOR-Stahlbauten sheet 89 with regard to zinc dust content, binder and solvent content.

Technical data

  • Properties

    - Excellent corrosion protection
    - Zinc-like light colour
    - High zinc content

  • Container

    100 ml
    250 ml
    500 ml

  • Shades


  • Gloss level


  • Binder base

    Humidity curing polyurethane

  • Yield

    approx. 7 m² per litre


  • Technical leaflet


Consumption calculator

Please enter the area to be coated.


Important note:
The calculated theoretical consumption is for guidance only and in practice depends on various factors such as the layer thickness, the application method and the absorbency of the substrate.


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