Penetrating Primer


Water-thinnable acrylic dispersion-based penetrating Primer.

For consolidating fine-pored, absorbent and/or sanding substrates, e.g. all types of plaster, gypsum boards, concrete, aerated concrete, screed, brick, sand-lime brick and sandstone masonry as well as old, stable wall and ceiling coatings. Ideally suited as a primer for Wall Paint DM-12, Facade Paint DM-13 and Solid Colour DA-17.

Technical data

  • Properties

    - Solvent free
    - Surface strengthening
    - Regulates absorbency
    - Good penetration
    - Bonding agent

  • Container

    1 litre
    5 litres
    10 litres
    30 litres

  • Shades

    milky white, dries colourless

  • Dilution

    Tap water

  • Yield

    depending on the absorbency of the substrate approx. 200 ml/m² and coat


  • Technical leaflet


Consumption calculator

Please enter the area to be coated.


Important note:
The calculated theoretical consumption is for guidance only and in practice depends on various factors such as the layer thickness, the application method and the absorbency of the substrate.


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