2C epoxy lacquer


Two-component epoxy resin topcoat.

Long-term corrosion protection for steel parts, machines, equipment, electroplating plants. Excellent adhesion to steel, aluminium and hot-dip galvanised steel. Less suitable for vehicle coatings and for decorative surfaces.

Technical data

  • Properties

    - Fast drying
    - Good flow
    - High covering power
    - Excellent adhesion
    - High surface hardness
    - High chemical resistance

  • Container

    700 g +300 g
    3.5 kg + 1.5 kg
    7 kg + 3 kg
    21 kg + 9 kg

  • Shades

    RAL, NCS after consultation

  • Gloss level

    glossy (depending on colour)

  • Binder base

    Epoxy resin in combination with amine hardener

  • Dilution


  • Mixing ratio (wt.)

    7 : 3

  • Hardener


  • Yield

    approx. 7m2/kg(60 μm DFT)


  • Technical leaflet


Consumption calculator

Please enter the area to be coated.


Important note:
The calculated theoretical consumption is for guidance only and in practice depends on various factors such as the layer thickness, the application method and the absorbency of the substrate.


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