Zinc metal repair paint


Zinc touch-up paint based on zinc dust.

For repairing defects on hot-dip galvanised steel parts, furthermore for galvanised surfaces that have been damaged by grinding or welding and for non-galvanised small parts that are to be adapted to galvanised constructions. Meets the requirements of DIN EN ISO 1461 / DIN EN ISO 3549. Contains more than 91 % zinc dust in the total pigment.

Technical data

  • Properties

    - Excellent corrosion protection
    - Zinc-like light colour
    - Easy processing
    - High zinc content

  • Container

    200 g
    500 g
    1000 g

  • Shades

    zinc bright

  • Gloss level


  • Dilution

    VE-50, VK-30 or VK-80

  • Yield

    approx. 7 m²/l


  • Technical leaflet


Consumption calculator

Please enter the area to be coated.


Important note:
The calculated theoretical consumption is for guidance only and in practice depends on various factors such as the layer thickness, the application method and the absorbency of the substrate.


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