Silicate Mineral Paint


Interior wall paint on mineral silicate basis.

High-quality mineral interior paint based on water glass. Allows plaster and masonry to breathe! Easy to apply. Suitable for fresh plaster, load-bearing and absorbent old plaster, rough-skinned concrete, load-bearing mineral coatings based on lime and cement. Not suitable for emulsion paints, oil-based paints, plastic-bound coatings.

Technical data

  • Properties

    - Water dilutable
    - Good covering power
    - Odourless
    - Breathable
    - Water vapour permeable

  • Container

    2,5 liters
    5 liters
    10 liters
    15 liters

  • Shades

    white, shades on request

  • Gloss level


  • Dilution

    Tap water

  • Yield

    3 - 4 m² / litre


  • Technical leaflet


Consumption calculator

Please enter the area to be coated.


Important note:
The calculated theoretical consumption is for guidance only and in practice depends on various factors such as the layer thickness, the application method and the absorbency of the substrate.


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